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Monday, 7 July 2014

Today I saw a business consultant. I remember as a very bored 14 year old lying around feeling ill, I read a computer magazine cover to cover. It was in 1982 when computer magazines were orientated towards business and not gamers, it said. “… A consultant is someone who gets paid for telling you nothing about your business and supplies worthless advice.”

Looks like no change there in 32 years! Just glad the government were paying her wages and not me.

I’m just glad the river awaits and will always be my friend. It can deliver a good kicking when you least expect it, it can give you great joy, but it will always help clear your head and put life into perspective. Doug Ammons said it’s like a band of brothers on the water, I think he might be right. There are two types of people in the world – those who paddle and lower life forms. At present I feel that I have more in common with the little furry creature we saw playing in the river last week than all the office bints I have encountered with their lacquered hair and plastic lives over the past week..

So, see you on the water all you higher life forms! Water dwellers do rule the planet - just ask any Cetacean.

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