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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Blog at last!

With a busy summer, writing the blog has been at the bottom of the priority list! Loads of time on the water has resulted in many happy customers getting the training they need and those much deserved certificates!

Since last time of writing, I've also had a visit from the karma police and a much heralded swim in the Tryweryn. The water spirits get us all eventually! Just nature's way of reminding us who is in charge out there. Talking of nature, the river levels have been up and down this last month, although luckily not enough to cancel sessions, but a two star course nearly had to look for a new venue.

The big news since the last blog has been we nearly acquired some premises in Ironbridge, I say nearly because we have been badly let down by the freeholders who were going to lease the site to us. After all the hard work put in by ourselves, the support staff at Natwest bank and our accountant this has been quite a deflating experience. One thing I have learnt from the experience is that rich people really are bone idle and I don't like estate agents.

So here's to a summer on the water and see you all out there paddling what ever floats!

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